Application of Pebble in Ferro-Concerete-Based Bowl Swimming Pools

After the completion of texture of ferro-concrete coarse, ironing out the ferro-concrete errors, repair of the merging spots of curtain and base slab and handling the voids and cracks of the ferror-concrete, the isolation material that is two-can dwell will be applied.

Binder 5 mixed plaster will be manufactured as 2 inch-thick will be manufactured on the curtain and base slab cup water isolations.

For overflow pools, travertine or ceramic top finishing of the pool must be replaced from platform elevation maximum 1.5 mm deviation top of the pools wall. The overflow stone or ceramic material must establish with Nivo or another precision device and must 3 cm away from the wall plaster elevation. The stone or ceramic material must be replaced slope of 1.5 cm from the environment platform to the water level.

As in pools with skimmers, the environment margent platform will be completed on firm soil grade and it will be 3 cm out from vertical plaster line.

Projected between 13mm and 2 cm for its thickness, Pebble (granule pebble) will be applied on coating pool. The margent will be seen as overflowed approximately 1 or 1,5 cm from pebble paving in the pool.

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